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Iridology DVD Course

Do you want to learn iridology from the comfort of our home? Then the Iridology DVD Course is ideal for you. It is structured to guide you towards mastering Iridology completely, from the comfort of your home . It includes tuition delivered by DVD,  and guidance from South Africa’s leading iridology teacher and other experts.

The course material is delivered in modular format in 5 DVDs, followed by the Applied Iridology Seminar for practical instruction to qualify to write the Exams.*

After completion of the course the Professional Iridology DVD Course, the Exam may be written in Cape Town. (See entry requirements for exam and professional certificate)

  • Full Course Fee: R18,500.00
  • Registration Fee: R1,000.00
  • Balance due on commencement of course.
    • Payment terms available on application.
    • Full payment of balance qualifies for 10% discount.
  • Examination Fee: R1,000.00 paid in advance.

Seminar Course

  • DVD’s, Applied Iridology Seminar, Exams, Certification
  • Full payment discount
  • Payment Plan on application

What Course Materials Are Included?

  • Printed Manuals for each Module
  • DVD video disks for home study
  • 2 CD’s with 50 high resolution iris photos each
  • Entry into Final Exam for Certification (see requirements)

What Is The Course Curriculum?

Curriculum Overview

Seminar 1: Modules 1 to 3

History, Philosophy, Natural Therapeutic Principles, Anatomy & Physiology overview; Iris Colour Variations, Genetics, Iridology Constitutions; Phase 1 Iridology Analysis of Structural Signs, Pupillary Signs; Practical Techniques.

Seminar 2: Modules 4 & 5

External eye conditions; Advanced Iridology Therapeutics; Practical Techniques; Pigmentation; Advanced interpretation of Iris and Pupillary Structural Signs; Phase 2  & 3 Analysis of Colour and Structural Signs

Seminar 3: Applied Iridology Seminar (Module 6)

Sclerology; Emotional and Psychological insights; Phase 4 Analysis of Iris Signs; Research; Patient management.

Self Assessment Progress Questionnaires

Self assessment questionnaires are provided for each module.

Assignments & Case Studies Portfolio

Various assignments and a portfolio of case studies have to be completed and handed in prior to examination.


Written 3 hour theory exam paper follows the Applied Iridology Seminar.

Practical exam follows the written paper. Every student is examined individually to assess their competence in examining an iris, reporting findings and therapeutic recommendations.

Full course curriculum


1. Introduction, definitions, philosophy

2. Natural therapeutics and principles

3. History of iridology

4. Anatomy of eye and iris

5. The Iris Chart (part 1)


6. Iris colour, genetic inheritance, review of various new theories

7. Constitutional study and analysis

8. Practical techniques – use of equipment ( part 1)


9. Symbolic language of iris

10. Study of the pupil and its relevance in iridology

11. Practical techniques – study of iris (part 2)


12. External eye conditions

13. Topography and Therapeutics in depth study

14. Practical techniques – study of iris (part 2 cont.)

15. Charts development and comparative study (part 2)


16. Pigmentation

17. Inner pupillary border (IPB)

18. The Autonomic nervous wreath (ANW)

19. Study of Concepts in iridology

20. Energy transformation as observed in the iris

MODULE 6 (Applied Iridology Seminar)

21. Psychological insight from iris analysis

22. Practical techniques (part 3)

23. Patient management

24. Conclusion

IISA makes it easy to learn Iridology, with complete information and modern teaching aids

Our online or offline course options, tutoring options, virtual classroom and more give you the power to learn and apply iridology efficiently.
  • Prospective students must have a medical, medical-related or complementary healthcare qualification. Iridology is a diagnostic tool to be used by trained practitioners, as an adjunctive technique. It is not a profession.
  • Working knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology is essential.
  • Personal computer and internet access preferable (for online content delivery – assignments, video conferencing, members only content, etc)
  • Completion of Modules 1 to 5, at least 1 month before the Applied Iridology Seminar
  • Completion and submission of all assignments, progress assessments and case studies before Applied Iridology Seminar
  • Attendance of Applied Iridology Seminar
  • Completion and submission of all required pre-exam assignments, progress assessments and cases studies
  • Complete & Pass the Theory Exam (within a 2 year cycle)
  • Complete & Pass the Practical Exam (within a 2 year cycle)
  • 20 Case Studies completed and submitted within 3 months of completing and passing the Exams
1. Course material: Course material is supplied only for educational purposes and does not constitute medical or health care advice of any nature. No guarantees are made, express or implied, and use of supplied course material is at the sole risk of the applicant (candidate).
2. The applicant understands and agrees that: notwithstanding the purchase of the course materials, the information contained within all the course materials remain the property of the course author and the IISA, and that all course and related material supplied by the IISA, whether in physical , digital, printed or virtual format, is for the sole use by the applicant (or candidate) only; the course material or any part thereof, may not be: i) copied or duplicated in any format, whether, physical, digital or virtual, without prior written consent from the course author and the IISA; ii) shared with another party, without prior written consent from the course author and the IISA; iii) transferred to any party, whether physical, virtual or juristic in nature; iv) resold to any other party, whether physical, virtual or juristic in nature; v) broadcast, transmitted or distributed in any format, whether, physical, digital or virtual, without prior written consent from the course author and the IISA; or vi) used for any form of group education or entertainment where one or more additional parties, whether physical, virtual or juristic in nature, will use the course material in addition to the applicant (or candidate), without prior written consent from the course author and the IISA.
3. Scope of practice: The applicant understands that: i) iridology is not a profession but only a diagnostic tool to be used in conjunction with existing or acquired health care qualifications; ii) completion of the Professional Iridology Course and/or exams, and issuing of the Certificate of Completion, does not constitute a health care qualification or entitle the candidate to practice as a health care professional;
4. Acceptance into IISA Courses: Applicants are accepted at the sole discretion of the IISA. The Professional Iridology Course and exam is open only to applicants who have pre-existing health care qualification/s.
5. Course fees: A non-refundable deposit is due on application and registration. Course fees are due in advance and are non refundable after more than one third (1/3) of a course term has expired and/or more than one third (1/3) of course material is shipped or delivered.
6. The IISA and it’s proprietors reserve the right to cancel the admission to the course of any candidate or applicant who is found to have contravened any part of 1 or more of the above conditions and to seek full legal remedies to recover any and all direct and, or indirect, actual or possible financial losses incurred as a result of the applicant (or candidate) not abiding to the agreement.
7. The applicant (or candidate) agrees to abide by these terms and conditions and to have no legal recourse in the event of a disagreement between the IISA and the applicant (or candidate) as related to this agreement.
8. The IISA and it’s proprietors reserve the right to cancel or edit any part of this agreement and any part of the relevant iridology courses, without prior notice.

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I'm Sold, Register Now!

* Examination fee applies, see Exam Entry Requirements above.
** Student level members access to Iridology Insider Circle (1 year access to live webinars), once members program is live.
§ eCourse and Tutoring Course candidates may attend the Applied Iridology Seminar and the Exams, by paying the applicable Seminar attendance fee, and fulfilling all requirements for exam entry, see above.